Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Year, New Studio

Hi! October was the last time that I blogged and since then I have moved house.  I moved out of my home in January, but was unable to move into my new home until the beginning of February. I spoke last time about the online art course, Life Book 2014, that I had signed up for, but during the time that I was in temporary accommodation I did not have access to full internet services and up until now I have been unable to start the course. Happily, I have been able to download all the lessons and can go through them at my own pace. 

However, one of the main things that I need to do in order to get going on the lessons is organise my new studio and I have been trying to get it set up during the week.  
 As you can see, it had been going very well, but  like everything else about moving, it has been challenging, so much so that last night I found myself surrounded by shelving and there was no space left for me!  I think I had been a little over enthusiastic about how much storage and shelving the room would take.  So I left it last night feeling a little defeated and determined to get it sorted out today.

So the white opaque cube storage came down and I now have just my Ikea Expedit shelving with drawers and cupboards and I'm loving it.  I just want to get an Alex drawer storage unit and I'm done.

I'll post again next week and with a bit of luck, I will be posting from the studio itself with some up to date photos.

Thanks for stopping by.