Monday, 3 March 2014

It's looking good

It's been lots of hard work, but the studio is looking great and I am beginning to feel that it is going to be a lovely space to work in.  I had to abandon the idea of the cube storage all together, it overpowered the Expedit storage. 

Another trip to Ikea saw me picking up my Alex drawers and some white cubes to go in the spaces.  As you can see from a couple of the pictures, I have a few paint swatches on the wall and think I know which one I'm going with, but the paint job will need to wait for a while - other things in the house need to be done first.  Today I have ordered my blind for the window.  

Colin has been very busy drilling holes for artwork and pictures etc to go on the walls.

I love the storage boxes I got from The Range with all the lovely colours on, they just lend themselves to my work space.

So my plans for this week are to get creating in my new studio and I will be posting up some of my work next week.

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  1. It looks fab! Can't wait to see the first things your create in there!