Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Three from my week

I thought that I would share some things that have been going on in the studio during the week.

I made a trip to The Range to see if I could get an extra two colourful boxes to match those that I have already. Unfortunately, there were none left, but I can never pass by crafting materials without seeing if there is anything new to catch my eye.  My 12 x 12 papers and cardstock have been on a shelf, but I have not been very happy with that as some of the cardstock has faded.  I found some great boxes - they will be perfect and I can store them on a shelf in my desk out of the light.


Whilst stocking up my trolley with the boxes, I spotted some storage jars. They look like traditional cookie jars but are much smaller and cute too. Anything that is cute deserves a space in the studio, so I picked up six.  I still haven't made a decision on what to put in them yet!


  I got the doodling bug yesterday and ended up with this.  

I gave the paper a wash of watercolour first and used coordinating colours to go with it.  I was a little surprised that the paper buckled so much as I was using my Strathmore Mixed Media journal; it is for wet and dry media, perhaps I over wet it.  

Amongst blogs and artists I follow on various media, I subscribe to Cloth Paper Scissors Newsletter and really enjoy reading through all the inspiring articles from mixed media artists.  The newsletter that arrived in my inbox on 5th March was entitled Drive-by Art Journaling; I was intrigued, and on opening it came across an article called ‘How to Make Time for Art’ by Cate Prato (Online Editor Cloth Paper Scissors today).  In it she describes having limited time for being creative and how she has set up a creative area in the house that she passes on a regular basis during the day.  She has limited her supplies in order to keep the area contained, she finds that if she has a few ‘free’ minutes, she’s happy just to add another layer, colour, spray, rubber stamp here and there etc.  There is no set time to finish the page and she may work for five minutes or twenty minutes depending on how her day is progressing.  In this way her creative force is being satisfied.  Moving house has meant that my time has been invested in emptying boxes and finding homes for all our things.  I had thought that getting the studio sorted out as a priority would mean that I would be able to spend time in here, but we seem to have so many boxes to unpack.  I am considering using the idea of setting up my journal on my desk with limited supplies and spending a few minutes here and there during the day between boxes, cleaning, sorting, digging over the garden etc to put some colour down and see how it turns out.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 

I hope you are having a good week and as always, thanks for stopping by

Jacquie xox   



  1. Ooooh! I like jars like that... I have one with buttons in. I bet they will look lovely with bits and bobs in for the studio.

    Hopefully you will be able to spend more time in the studio soon once more boxes are unpacked x

  2. Ooooh! I like those jars, I have one with badges in and a different type of jar with buttons in. I bet they will look good in the studio with different bits and bobs in.

    Hopefully you will be able to spend more time in the studio soon once more boxes are unpacked x