Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter cards and studio time

Long time no see - it's nice to be back.

I finally finished the Easter cards that I had been working on and also decided to do another design.  Do you remember that I had given you this sneak peek? 


Well, this is how they turned out along with the second design that I chose to use.  I had taken the photograph of the beautiful blossom and thought that it would lend itself to a spring card; Easter cards seemed to fit the bill.


News from the studio this week includes getting my wood mounted rubber stamps sorted out and in their new storage.  


The label maker was even brought into play in order for me to be able to grab the correct box first time.  My daughter came up with a brilliant idea too; take photos of all the stamps, organise them on the computer in folders and perhaps even cross reference them - genius idea! Now the stamps are all neat inside their boxes and I am able to find them very easily.  


This really was an excellent exercise to do, not only are my rubber stamps finally in the new studio (instead of in the garage), I rediscovered stamps that had been sadly neglected and this has also given me some food for thought for new cards.

Finally, a couple of new additions to the studio . . .

The butterfly obsession continues and I found my pretty heart fairy lights which have been put along with the stars on the windowsill. 

Thanks for stopping by this week

Jacquie xox

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  1. I love the new additions to the studio! And the cards! Your daughter must be a genius ;) *wink wink* what a brilliant idea about cataloging your stamps! X