Wednesday, 4 June 2014



Time is just flying by, it's already June!

I hope that you like the new look for the blog, I really love it and would like to say thank you to Becca at Vanilla Bunting ( who worked to bring this new look. She consulted with me at all stages to make sure that the look that I wanted was achieved.

My journey to develop myself via my studio and blog is continuing.  I have ordered a couple more bits for my camera work, one of which is a reflector in order to get help light my pieces better.  More importantly, I am very excited as this week I signed up for a 10 week photography course.  The only disadvantage of this is that I will have to wait until October before it starts.  I'll carry on trying to improve on my own until then, but really look forward to some tuition on photographic techniques.  

Last week I ordered a few bits that I needed, or should I say wanted. I ordered some new cutting plates for my Big Shot as my old ones are getting a bit past it.  The numerous cuts are making marks on card stock when I put it through the machine.  I also think that the plates are nearly at breaking point - having read a few articles, they make a terrific crack when they do break.  

I also decided to order some of the mini Distress Inks and a new Distress Marker.  I wish that I had consulted my list as I already owned the Distress Marker and I have the regular size of one of the Distress Inks.

I am now back into the swing of the ATC group I belong to and made these for my partner in May.

I hope my partner liked them.  These are the ones that I received from my partner.  As you can see, very different to mine in design.

Whilst I was working on a card the other day, I wanted to use three different shades of the same colour ink.  It was a challenge looking through all the pads to find just what I wanted.  So I decided that it was time to 'catalogue' them.  I chose to stamp each colour with the same stamp on the same type of card so that I would get a clear picture of how each colour performed and looked.  A friend who was staying with me offered to write each colour on each card.  I have now sorted them into groups of colours and I am just waiting for some plastic inserts to put them in.  I'm really looking forward to be able to just look through and easily pick the colours I require.   

One of the most interesting things to come out of this exercise was how different all the 'blacks' were.  Some were bordering on more of a charcoal colour and some were what I would call a true black.

I'm off now to work on some orders that I have and I hope to be posting up some pictures next week.

Thanks for stopping by this week 

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  1. The redesign is great. Looks lovely :-)

    Brilliant idea about cataloguing your stamping inks