Wednesday, 2 July 2014

It really works!

Hi everyone

It's been a quiet week in the studio as I have been away for a few days, but I still have a couple of things that I'd like to share with you all.

Do you ever read about something that is supposed to help you and you think to yourself 'well, that'll never work'?  I did when I read about a Flash Magic Eraser to help remove stubborn ink stains from stamping blocks, the article even claimed that Staz On ink would disappear.  

I didn't think that it would work and thought nothing about it again until I spotted one during my weekly shop.  I thought that I'd give it a go and that even if it didn't work for my crafting purposes, I could use it as it is meant to be used.  It says on the the package -  Try it on anything: from grimy baths to greasy microwaves, from crayons on walls to grouting between tiles –even those dirty white trainers Just add water, squeeze, then watch stains disappear like Magic.

So here it is and to be totally honest, I wasn't expecting much.  After all, I had tried and tried to remove the ink stains on my blocks before using Staz On Cleaner that is specially made for the Staz On inks.

I hope that you can see all the ink smudges that are on my blocks.  I am one of those people who will be bothered by not being able to remove them.

It's a miracle!  It works!  I was really surprised and delighted that with just a little water and without having to scrub, the stains just disappeared.  The Magic Eraser has not made it back into the kitchen.  I'm keeping it in my crafting arsenal.

* * * * * * *
Have you ever produced something that you liked so much that you have recreated it elsewhere?  That is exactly what happened towards the end of last week.  I had really enjoyed making the cards for my recent giveaway and had been very pleased with how they had turned out.  I needed to make my ATC's for the June swap and decided to do a mini version of each of the cards.  

I added a different sentiment and used one different stamp on the striped watercolour ATC.

For this watercolour with Distress Ink ATC, I used a different stamp set - I had to as between finishing the cards for the giveaway and producing this, I have lost the original stamp set.  How a whole stamp set can just disappear is a mystery to me.  I have turned the studio upside down looking for it.  

On the third and final ATC, I used a different sentiment stamp and I love the words on this stamp.  

My week ahead looks pretty busy with a friend coming to stay and a theatre trip, but on Saturday I'll be heading off to Newbury ArtStamps Exhibition.  I'm sure that I will find some items that I need for the studio. Watch out next week for haul photos!

I hope you are continuing to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and as always I am grateful for you stopping by to my little corner of the crafting world.


  1. What a handy hint! I wonder what else it would clean up that you wouldn't expect?
    I love these ATCs, such pretty colours and stamps used x