Thursday, 7 August 2014

It's holiday time - for my mojo!

Hi there

It's right in the middle of holiday season here on the south coast.  There are lots of holiday makers and families having a good time on the beach, the roads are very busy with day visitors taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  In fact, everything seems to be very busy and buzzing all around me, but my mojo seems to have gone on its holidays too.  I have had visitors again and, don't misunderstand me, they take up studio time.  I love to have family and friends visit and stay, but it is impossible and impolite to disappear to the studio for a few hours.  How do others cope with creativity time being taken up for whatever reason?  

I have been sitting looking out of the window waiting for inspiration - I think it's on holiday with my mojo too! My desk is covered in 'stuff', it is not a pretty sight 

This is not a creative mess, it's just a mess! 

I did receive some nice mail in the post this week though and perhaps I'll be able use these books to give me a creative kick start.  

I love colouring and used to love colouring with my daughters when they were small.  These are 'grown up' colouring books by Jonanne Fink which feature her Zenspirations illustrations.  Each page can be removed from the book and coloured with any medium.  Perhaps if I choose one of these lovely illustrations and work without my head being filled with daily intrusions - shopping lists, cleaning schedule, washing, ironing etc - my mojo will creep back and I'll be off again.  

I did not want to miss a post just because my creative juices have temporarily gone AWOL - honesty is the best policy.  Let me know how you get over any dry patches and I hope you check back again next week to see.

Thank you for stopping by, I'm off to sort my desk out 

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