Tuesday, 26 August 2014

There's going to be a change - for now


It's been a few weeks since I posted on my blog which has been troubling me somewhat.  I have found it difficult to get into the studio to work for any length of time and anything that I have produced has been in snatched moments of time.  As anyone who blogs knows, it takes up quite a bit of time to add to a blog and a considerable amount of time if you commit to doing it on a regular basis.  It's not just the content of the post, there are photos, links to mentioned companies/products to find and editing to name but a few things to bear in mind.  

I want to be able to create a nice blog where I can look back to see how I went about a project, how I put it together and to be able to learn from it and improve.  I'd also like my blog to be something that other people enjoy reading too.

I feel that I have been a little too ambitious in my first few months in my new home thinking that I would be able to spend the time needed to produce a weekly blog.  We have been so busy since we moved and had so many lovely people come to visit us whether it be for a day or a week, the time just disappears.  If I have missed weeks on my blog, I have felt a little guilty that I have not produced anything and then it feels like blogging is more of a chore than a pleasure.    

With all this in mind, I have decided to take a small step back - running before I can walk springs to mind here - and reduce my blog to a monthly post. This time frame feels more realistic at the present time and I have decided to do this up to Christmas (yes, I said the 'C' word).  Following my post in December, I will review whether I feel able to put that extra time into a fortnightly or even weekly blog.  

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with where I am at the moment and please look in at the end of September for the first of my monthly blogs where I know that amongst other things, I will have a haul to share with you.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan - I look forward to seeing your round up posts at the end of each month x