Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January - Colour - Crochet - Knitting

Hi and welcome to the first post of 2015.

My time in the studio last year was pretty irregular to say the least and I have been thinking about how I can address that during this year.  January has started out pretty well and I have had happy mail - stuff I have ordered and I have been mixing up my activities.

This is the first card of the year that I sent for a birthday on New Year's Day.  I am still enjoying making colourful backgrounds.  This one was created using Distress Inks and applying them with the Ranger mini inking tool. 

* * * * *
For a while now I have wanted to learn to crochet. I had looked into lessons in my local area but finally decided to teach myself using tutorials on YouTube.  I find that you can pretty much learn how to do anything on YouTube!

So I got my materials together and looked through some tutorials.  I found a couple that I was happy to use and off I went.  As you can see from the first two photos I had chosen a colour that practically matched the outfit I was wearing that day - big mistake.  Following a change of colour I had much more success.  I could crochet something square - a dishcloth, coaster, pot holder and thought that I should try something a little more challenging - a flower.  I was pretty pleased with the results and now need to research trying different stitches and I predict that the next project will probably be a granny square!  It felt good to be using wool and to see the crochet growing quickly - could I find a knitting pattern that would grow just as quickly?  

Of course, the best way to get knitting to grow quickly is to use a chunky wool and large needles.  This project is growing fast and I love the colour.  I hope that I finish this before the weather gets warm!  

* * * * *

I have been meaning to reorganise my stamps in order to see them more clearly and, as I found out, discover and rediscover stamp sets that I had not remembered I owned.  I have seen the Avery Elle stamp pockets used before by Jennifer McGuire whom I follow.  I finally took the plunge and ordered 75 pockets and dusted off my label maker.  I wish that I had done this ages ago.  What a great way to organise stamps whilst being able to see them easily.  I have now been given some white card that I will cut to size to put at the back of the stamps - this will offer some more stability to the stamp sets.

* * * * *

Lastly for this month, I would like to introduce a new series to the blog.  I have a board on Instagram called 'I Love Colour' on which I have pinned many different colour combinations.  Each month one of the colour combos will be chosen; I am then going to shop my stash and find some inks that match as closely as possible those colours and produce a card using those colours.  Here is the first in the 'I Love Colour' series; the colour combo that was chosen, the inks that I found and the card that I made using them. 

I enjoyed creating this card, the ink colours were fairly simple to find, the real challenge was choosing which stamps to used to showcase the colours well.  I have decided to run this series mid- month, so the next in the series can be found in a couple of weeks time.

Thank you for looking in this month and I hope you check back mid-February to see what the next combination of colours will be.