Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Playing with sprays and acrylics


It was only the end of the month five minutes ago or so it seems to me, the clocks have gone forward and here we are at Easter time already.

February is always a busy birthday card month but March is much quieter which means that if I'm feeling brave, I can try something new.  This is exactly what I did this month and if I say so myself, I am really pleased with the result.  Early on in March, I dragged out my art journal and went to town with some sprays.  This was the result

As you can see, playing with sprays equals messy fingers, but I really enjoyed creating this. Although the photograph is not brilliant, I feel that you can get a good idea of how it looks.  The more that I looked at it, the more I liked it and felt that I would like to take it a step further - how was I going to do that?  

A friend who paints with acrylics had invited me to spend an afternoon with her painting. I had no idea what I would paint as I can't draw, it would need to be an abstract of some sort - why not try to recreate my journal page on a canvas?  I took my journal along with me and we discussed how I would go about reproducing my page on a canvas.  We decided that as I had not used acrylics in my journal, I would need to practise first - of course I knew that it would not be an exact copy and this is how my trial run turned out.

The effect from acrylics and brushes was not the same as using sprays but if I worked at it I felt that I could get a pleasing result.  It would need lots more practise.  During a break, we were browsing through pictures on Pinterest - I was looking at pictures of poppies, I love poppy pictures of all kinds. I then came across the picture below

I loved this colour combination and wondered if I could do an abstract style poppy on a background similar to this - I ended up with this 

I was really pleased and decided to be brave and try to get this onto a canvas.  I'm delighted with the result and am thinking of putting this one up on the wall in my studio

* * * * * * *
The 'I Love Colour' series continues and I found this month much more challenging as I did not have inks that matched the colour scheme I was using.  In the end I used watercolour pencils and produced a pretty birthday card.  

I appreciate you dropping by to see what I have been up to - what do you think of my first canvas?  

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and please look in again next month for more from the studio.

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  1. I love your design when you were playing with the sprays. Such pretty colours all together. Your canvas looks great - you're very brave to try something new like that x