Thursday, 1 October 2015

Loving my black art journal page

Hi everyone

It has been pretty quiet in the studio this month, but I have one or two things that I'd like to share with you.  Autumn seems to have arrived in my part of the world, the trees have started to change colour and daylight is a little shorter in supply. Autumn really is my favourite season, it's still possible to have some lovely warm days and when the leaves turn colour, I can often be found wandering round taking photos.

It has been 18 months since we moved into our home and the studio has undergone a couple of shake ups which I have shared with you in earlier posts.  During this month, I have been thinking about where I am, creatively, and I think that over the years and particularly over the last few months I have realised that there are things that I really love to do and those that I have enjoyed in the past but feel that I have moved on from.  With this in mind, I have had a massive sort out of 'stuff' and have donated items that no longer get used, my storage has been reorganised so that I can see my tools more easily and my desk has been cleared to make my work space bigger.  One thing about clearing some space is that there is room for new items!

I discovered a new Aladdin's cave type craft store in my area and picked up just a few bits.  Look how pretty those blooms from Petaloo are!

During the month I had a go at making some polymer clay tiles to add to journal pages.  I really wanted square tiles, but didn't have a cutter.  I really like how well the decorated tiles have turned out and have bought some square cutters.  I also purchased some black polymer clay; I can feel black tiles with metallic golds and bronze colours coming on!

I think that the idea of the black tiles has come about because I have been gathering courage to work in my black journal which I bought some time ago.  On occasions I have brought it out and opened it up to the first page.  Somehow, to me, a black blank page felt worse that a white blank page and it really intimidated me.  Well I finally took the plunge and, using some of those pretty Petaloo blooms recently bought, I did the first page in the black journal.  I am absolutely delighted with the result.


My knitting phase is still in full swing and I have finished all the squares needed for a blanket for my new grandchild and I have also started a sleeveless jumper for my grandson.  I always find is easier to knit in cooler weather, my hands don't get hot and sticky.  

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts and the work from the studio this month, thank you for stopping by.

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